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The type of steel meets the AISI-304 standard (Chrome 18%, Nickel 10%), thickness 1-3 mm.

The material is resistant to intergranular corrosion according to the standards: EN ISO 3651-2.

Each production batch is certified.

ALL ITEMS FOR SALE ARE PRODUCED IN ITALY and are supplied with Avery-Dennison fixing biadhesive, with an exceptional seal up to temperatures of -40° / +100 ° C, exception of the mask grids with self-tapping screws.


With payment all sales terms are accepted.

For every purchase invoice is issued indicating the shipping number for tracking the goods.

Eurotrucker of S. Scarabello, headquartered in Chiasso, Switzerland, has a VAT domicile at the Finanzamt of Costanza - Germany, therefore the tax rate is 19% (VAT code DE-312684716, tax number: 09429/05264), according to tax agreements and commercial companies between the two countries. 

ADVANCE PAYMENT with Credit Cards, PayPal, Bank Transfer

No additional fees for commissions. Major credit cards are accepted with PayPal (VISA, MasterCard, American Express).

Payment by bank transfer please select this method in the cartIBAN code is provided later. Bank charges borne by the buyer (SEPA Area). With this payment we apply a 4% discount on the amount excluded VAT.         

Secure transactions. Each website content is protected by the SSL security certificate "Secure Socket Layer" visible in the https protocol in the browser address.



The buyer can use the right of withdrawal within 14 days of receipt of goods. The goods must be returned to the sender perfectly intact, with the protective film of the surfaces otherwise the article can not be resold. Refund of shipping costs returned only with PayPal payment by activating the service at the following link:


Refund within 5 days.


Shipping and delivery by courier from Monday to Friday, excluding holidays. An invoice is issued with the tracking number. The buyer is required to follow the progress of the delivery. Trust couriers TNT, UPS, according to the purchase amounts and delivery areas.
Delivery time: 3 - 6 working days depending on the availability of the goods in stock.
Loss of packages and failure to deliver for faults attributable to the courier, the goods will be sent again as soon as possible.
Shipments are made directly from the warehouse of our Italian partner.

Delivery failure: after two attempts the goods are stored in the local branch for 3 working days. Returning goods to our warehouse will result in additional shipping costs.

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The data provided during purchase or registration can be used to send news on promotions of the items sold by Eurotrucker. In any case, they are not sold to third parties.


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Assembly instructions:

- Clean the surfaces.

- Place the item and bend it on the body if necessary.

- After bending fix with adhesive.


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